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"Standard Chartered is a strengths-based organisation... what you need is raw talent, the eagerness and ability to learn, to show initiative and lots of drive and enthusiasm..."

Executive Assistant
Financial Markets

  • Dutch
  • MBA, Insead (2005)
  • MSc Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology
Current role
  • Executive Assistant Financial Markets, Singapore
  • I work for the Group Head of Financial Markets and support him on strategic, operational and people issues. The work is incredibly diverse, ranging from organisational change to investment plans - I still interface a lot with my former team, Wholesale Bank Strategy.
Former role
  • Associate Director, Wholesale Bank Strategy, Singapore
  • My team consisted of about 10 people who worked together with senior management to drive the Wholesale Bank strategy. Projects covered a wide range of issues, including organic and inorganic growth opportunities. Standard Chartered Bank is growing really quickly, and it must continuously prioritise the use of its resources, including investment capacity and management attention.
  • Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Amsterdam
  • Owner, Alice Beurze Translations, The Hague