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"I am very glad that I work with a group of people who sincerely care about you as a person and are willing to help and support you in your career development."

HENG Wui Liang
Business Planning & Performance Manager,
Group Customer and Frontline Experience,
Consumer Banking

What is your background?
I graduated with first class honours in my Bachelor of Engineering in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. I started my career as an electronics engineer in the United States before running my own smart-home business in Singapore. I did my MBA at INSEAD in 2006 prior to joining the Bank.

Why did you join Standard Chartered?
I wanted to be in Asia, as it is where the action is. I was attracted by the growth story of the Bank in Asia. The diversity and international outlook in terms of where the Bank operates and the nationalities of employees are what make Standard Chartered unique. From my friends and associates who work in the Bank, I gathered that Standard Chartered presents itself as a bank with a human face. So, when Standard Chartered recruited on campus of INSEAD, I applied.

How is your career so far in the Bank?
I joined as a Management Associate. The MA program is a great platform for any new MBAs to start their career in the Bank. It provides us with opportunities to interact with the senior management team.
My first role is in Group Marketing and Customer Analytics where I worked on customer segmentation and value proposition in Consumer Banking.

What does your current role entail?
I am currently supporting the Group Head of Customer and Frontline Experience on strategic, people and performance issues. This role exposes me to different aspects of our distribution channels from branch strategy, people agenda to sales productivity.
I interact mainly with the Customer Experience teams in countries where we have a Consumer Banking presence. Our current focus is on sales productivity where we are implementing customer-centric strategies and continuously improving our processes to win a bigger share of the customer wallet.

What do you like about your job?
It is challenging! The Consumer Banking business is immensely competitive and the impact of our actions is visible from the monthly reports, so I am always kept on my toes. The day is never boring with things to do and problems to solve, given the broad scope of the Customer and Frontline Experience value stream. The team has a wealth of experience and knowledge that I can readily tap on, and this allows me to greatly ramp up my learning curve.

What is it like to work at Standard Chartered?
It's the people you work with that affects your view of a company. I am very glad that I work with a group of people who sincerely care about you as a person and are willing to help and support you in your career development.