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"The Bank recognises talent and offers great opportunities for growth. I think I have made a significant impact in the areas related to me."

Sai Narain CDK
General Manager,
Transaction Banking & Strategic Initiatives,
Consumer Banking

What is your background?
I am an Engineer and MBA. I started my banking career in India and once moved to Taiwan. Before I joined Standard Chartered in April 2006, I worked in another prominent international bank for 13 years where I managed a variety of functions like Service, Operations, Credit Cards Business, etc.

In my personal capacity I also manage a rural business process company in a village in India. This organisation provides employment to under privileged rural youth in the village and improves their quality of life. I do not derive any income or other commercial benefit from this venture. I am thankful to Standard Chartered for allowing me to pursue my personal goal as well. That's something quite unique about the Bank.

Why did you join Standard Chartered?
After a 13 year stint with my previous employer I was keen to move out of my comfort zone to diversify my competencies. Standard Chartered was up on my list as it is an organisation that is truly international, offers some great opportunities across regions and practises outstanding business values.

How is your career so far in the Bank?
It has been fantastic to work in the Bank. The Bank recognises talent and offers great opportunities for growth. I think I have made a significant impact in the areas related to me. I am really amazed by the level of acceptance the Bank has for people who move in laterally and also the acceptance and respect for the ideas and changes they bring in. A standing example is the Chairman's Award that my team and I were fortunate to receive in May 2007 for a market first innovation, "The 24 hour Mobile based Service Assurance" for customer grievance management. I am also quite moved by some of the focus areas of the Bank around making the planet a better place to live through Sustainability initiatives like Seeing is Believing and Living with HIV. I have not seen or heard of any organisation that makes such a sincere effort in these areas.

What does your current role entail?
I manage Consumer Transaction Banking & Strategic Initiatives for Consumer Banking in India. I am largely responsible to manage the liquidity supply for Consumer Banking in India and also offer the best banking convenience channels and products (e.g., Mobile & Internet Banking, Remittance solutions) for our customers. My role entails managing a team of over 1000 people across Sales, Product Management, Remote Banking and Technology projects. My business contributes about 35% of the operating profit of Consumer Banking in India and is a key growth engine in the Indian business context.

I have helped SCB to be seen as a bank at the fore front of technology innovation especially in the area of Mobile Banking. I was invited as a speaker at the Global Mobile Banking Summit in Singapore in June 2008 as well as the India Banknet Seminar on Mobile Banking in Mumbai in August 2008. We are extensively quoted in the media for innovation in Mobile Banking and launching value added services.

What do you like about your job?

  • It is complex and challenging, and is the cynosure of all as it is expected to exponentially grow liquidity to bridge the liquidity gap in SCB India
  • It is very closely linked with customer behaviour and allows us the opportunity to test different strategies
  • It has a huge bearing on the country's profit-and-loss statement and any swings get noticed conspicuously. This keeps my team and me on our toes
  • It cannot exist without continuously working with people across levels and functions as this is extremely critical to meet the business goals on raising liquidity
  • It has given me outstanding exposure to the top-level executives of the Bank including the Chairman and CEO.

What is it like to work at Standard Chartered?

  • Challenging and Rewarding
  • Extremely Fulfilling
  • A lot of independence to try out fresh ideas
  • Allowing me to be ambitious