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"Working in the Bank is exciting. I can go places, meet different people and learn different things."

Sales Manager,
Shared Distribution Head Office (Zimbabwe),
Consumer Banking

What is your background?
I studied my Honours Degree at the Midlands State University. In 2006, I graduated and joined Standard Chartered Bank as a Graduate Associate in Consumer Banking.

Why did you join Standard Chartered?
The Bank has a very strong brand, and I wanted to be a member of a leading bank. The Bank is one of the best companies in my country on staff training, and I expected working in the Bank would increase my knowledge on banking practice vastly and comprehensively. Also, SCB is an international bank and is well known to be providing strong career support for employees - this meant career opportunities to me across different markets globally. The values of the Bank were another consideration - its professionalism and adherence to compliance requirements gave me a sense of security - while many banks have lost their dealership licences in my country because of compliance issues, I am confident that this will not happen to Standard Chartered.

How is your career so far in the Bank?
My career has been exciting and rewarding. My Graduate Associate Program has given me comprehensive exposure to all aspects of the Consumer Banking business. I have interacted with colleagues at all levels and I am actively involved in formulating strategies and corporate governance agenda.

I have worked in many roles, which enables me to understand how they feed into the bigger picture and make sound decisions at higher levels. The knowledge and exposure I have gained are phenomenal.

I have a strong network for ideas and experience sharing and this makes my job much easier.

What does your current role entail?
I work for the Head of Shared Distribution and support her to achieve revenue targets.

My main focus is driving sales performance and effectiveness, through the branch sales force, use of robust tracking mechanism, analysis of people and product performance, and introducing tools to address sales growth and embed Customer Experience. My work spans a wide range of stakeholders, including Value Stream Heads and the Credit Head to support sales effort.

What do you like about your job?

  • I was given opportunities to play to my strengths.
  • I am a results oriented individual, and my sales performance is directly measureable.
  • The focus on customer experience (rather than product promotion) is exciting to me because this focus deepens my relationship with customers.
  • I am working effectively with my team.
  • I work with different groups of people, including the sales force and the product owners, to drive traction and achievement of results.
  • I have received supportive mentorship and advice from my seniors.
  • I have been given room to challenge the business on its processes and decisions.

What is it like to work at Standard Chartered?
Working at any other company has not crossed my mind. Working in the Bank is exciting. I can go places, meet different people and learn different things. I am given the room to explore my ideas and work to my strengths.

The Bank is growing financially and organically. We are constantly finding ways to improve and innovate. The Bank is for hardworking individuals who want results and have ambition.

If you are willing to learn, everyone is ready to help, including our Organisation Learning team and work peers. Knowledge is well documented and there are lots of tools to support learning like e-learning programs, workshops, certifications, etc. It is exciting to hear success stories and sharing best practices.

The Bank seriously values diversity and has got different people all working towards a common goal.

SCB cares about you, the way you work and your opinions through.

With less than 2 years in the Bank, I have been promoted to the Sales Manager role. I will soon take up a new role as a Relationship Manager in Wholesale Bank, and this again substantiates the Bank's commitment to my career development.