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At Standard Chartered, we take the complexity out of foreign exchange, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.


With an international network of more than 1,500 branches in 50 countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, we give you unlimited access to expert advice and regular market updates.

Our SME Treasury Services, services and solutions are designed to help minimise your foreign exchange risks and we offer competitive rates for a wide range of foreign currencies.

How can Standard Chartered Bank help you?
A team of specialists offers you professional advice

The foreign exchange market is highly volatile. We have a dedicated team of foreign exchange specialists who can advise you on your foreign exchange transactions. This will help you to offset the impact that market fluctuations can have on your business. For instance, you can minimise your company’s foreign exchange risk by:

  • Booking a forward deal to set the exchange rate.
  • Invoicing receivables in your own currency.
  • Taking out a loan in a foreign currency to pay invoices.
  • Opening a foreign currency account to make and receive payments

Your blueprint for expansion

As you begin to expand into international markets, your foreign exchange requirements may also increase. At Standard Chartered Bank, you can select from a wide range of foreign exchange products, from simple spot deals and forward deals to complex derivative products, such as options and structured deposits.

Our products will help you to manage your exposure on the foreign currencies and interest rates that are associated with international trade.

Make informed decisions based on regular updates

Our weekly bulletins will keep you up-to-date with insights on all foreign exchange markets. This will help you to gauge the direction that the markers are moving towards. You can then use these insights to your company’s advantage.

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