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Standard Chartered reaffirms climate change commitment!

London, 22 September 2009 - Standard Chartered has reaffirmed commitment to tackling climate change by joining more than 500 companies across the international business community in signing the Copenhagen Communiqué.

The communiqué, which was presented to world leaders at the United Nations in New York on September 22, summarises the key thinking of business leaders on climate change over the past two years, and issues a call to action in advance of the United Nations climate change negotiations in Copenhagen this December.

Standard Chartered is proud to announce that we support the Copenhagen Communiqué, which mirrors our values on protecting the environment, and demonstrates our support for an equitable global deal on climate change.

Dr. Tim Miller; Director, People, Property and Assurance said: “The Copenhagen Communiqué is a seminal document outlining the international business community’s call to action on climate change. Standard Chartered has an ambitious strategy to reduce our internal energy consumption and to transition our energy portfolio to resource-efficient technologies. Through our pledge to finance $10bn in renewable energy and clean technology projects, we are taking concerted action to reduce the human and economic cost of climate change. We are very proud to announce ourselves as a signatory of the Copenhagen Communiqué, and a committed member of the Corporate Leaders Group.”