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Tackling climate change in Nigeria

Standard Chartered joins forces with the British Council to raise awareness of climate change in Nigeria

About the partnership

On December 2, 2009, Standard Chartered Bank announced an important partnership with the British Council of Nigeria, aiming to raise awareness around climate change, and what it means for Nigeria.

In response to the British Council’s 2008 research on knowledge and perception of climate change in Nigeria, which demonstrated a low level of awareness throughout society, we have teamed up with them to run an awareness raising campaign.

What will the partnership achieve?

Through this partnership and its programmes, we will raise awareness of climate change across Nigeria by making the issue more accessible, and by establishing clear links between the global problem and local environmental concerns.

In doing this, we hope to encourage the inclusion of environmentally conscious actions into the daily lives of the Nigerian population.

How will the partnerships’ objectives be achieved?

To achieve the partnerships’ objectives, we have developed two awareness raising initiatives – a ‘Climate and You’ programme, and a ‘Green Walk for Life’ event.

1. Climate and You – a 30 minute radio programme, to be broadcast on Radio Nigeria, the largest radio network in the country, once a week for 12 weeks. The programme is targeted towards communications professionals across radio, television, print media and film, and is designed to:

- Break through the barriers that exist around climate change by explaining the issues in simple terms
- Improve knowledge levels around climate change
- Encourage the development of more engaging and attractive media campaigns around climate change

This programme was sponsored by Standard Chartered and featured an interview with Christopher Knight, CEO, Nigeria.

2. Green Walk for Life – a one day walking event, which will take place on World Environment Day 2010, involving policy makers, key national stakeholders and students.

The objectives of this walk are:

- To promote education and awareness on climate change and on the benefits of a low carbon future
- To raise awareness on the importance of waste reduction
- To assist the development of a sense of environmental stewardship
- To encourage action at an individual and corporate level to combat climate change