Responsible selling and marketing

Complaints handling

Consumer Banking has reviewed the approach to complaint management and has standardised the complaint metrics in Consumer Banking.

The Complaints Management Guide sets out principles covering transparent complaints channels, efficient complaints resolution, and identifying and resolving root causes of complaints. The complaints management information system provides a global approach to complaints tracking and allows monitoring and reporting of data to the Voice of Customer Committee and Consumer Banking Risk Committee.

Country champions drive lessons learned and management actions to ensure the root causes of complaints in the country are addressed. A monthly report on overall trends and complaints by each business segment, including root cause analysis, is compiled in the country, and reviewed by heads of each business segment.

Enhancing customer communications

Enhanced customer service

In India and Pakistan there have been a number of problems experienced with the local postal system. After analysis of the root cause, the end of 2008 was dedicated to confirming up-to-date contact details with customers who contacted the Bank, to ensure the most efficient and convenient communication option was open to the customer to work round difficulties relating to the local postal system.

In addition, Consumer Banking has made it easier for customers to update contact details via a simple telephone call, rather than requiring written instructions. It has also accelerated the deployment of customer-friendly technology such as email and SMS alerts to assist customers in managing their transactions and accounts.


  • 20,267employees trained in Treating Customers Fairly
  • Investment seminars for customers held in Singapore
  • SMSalerts to help customers manage their accounts