Responsible selling and marketing

Responsible selling and marketing

At Standard Chartered, our approach to selling and marketing is guided by our brand promise of Leading by Example to be The Right Partner. Our brand promise helps define the Bank’s culture and creates the foundation to embed the UK Financial Services Authority’s principle of Treating Customers Fairly in our interactions with clients.

The current financial crisis has highlighted the critical role of responsible selling and marketing in banking. Retail and corporate investors have suffered losses in certain products that had historically provided an enhanced yield in return for investors taking increased risk. Questions are now being asked about whether these products were suitable for the customers who bought them.

We are committed to treating our customers fairly in setting high standards for employee training, product development, marketing and sales as well as after-sales service processes and managing customer complaints. This is underpinned by three of our core values of being trustworthy, courageous and responsive. We apply these values to maintain customer loyalty, reinforce a culture which seeks fairness in customer relationships and ensure customers understand the risks involved in their dealings. Our robust governance structure is chaired by the Chief executive officer of Consumer Banking.

In these challenging times, demonstrably clear and fair processes with which to engage with customers have never been more important. This is recognised in the Consumer Banking transformation programmes designed to continually enhance our service to customers.


  • 20,267employees trained in Treating Customers Fairly
  • Investment seminars for customers held in Singapore
  • SMSalerts to help customers manage their accounts