Tackling financial crime

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SWAT game educates customers to protect themselves from financial crime

We launched an online game called S.W.A.T. to educate customers on fraud risk. The game illustrates risks and challenges players to minimise fraud. For example, they sift through various emails to detect fraudulent ones and rank the safety of a series of passwords.

The game is available on the home page of Standard Chartered’s website and has been used by players from across the globe.

Play SWAT here: SWAT


Suspicious Activity Reports – SARS

 Transaction monitoring

During 2008, as part of our transaction monitoring and suspicious activity reporting (SAR) process, we piloted in New York a programme to combat child pornography.

The programme used the Norkom system to filter and store data on entities suspected of links to child pornography or human trafficking and we provided advanced training to investigators on developing cases related to these crimes. Already, the programme has resulted in two reports to the relevant authorities.

We are now introducing the programme to other countries that use the Norkom system. We trained a further 41 investigators covering non-US markets and will add to this total during 2009.