Tackling financial crime

Data and trends

Our goals and achievements in 2008
Our goals for 2008 Status What we have done Goals for 2009
Norkom roll out across additional countries, products and services1 tick
Norkom deployed to five new markets, bringing the total to 13 countries
  • Develop money laundering prevention officers’ training programme
  • Launch new multi-language staff AML training programme
  • Assess sanctions screening systems coverage against industry best practice
  • Identify enhancements to our Speaking Up programme
  • Enhance Norkom detection capability
Identify and address other areas of fraud vulnerability across the Group tick
Launched an online game called S.W.A.T. to educate customers on fraud risk

Dealt with a total of 763 internet fraud incidents under online fraud procedures that were updated in 2007. This reflects a 641 per cent increase year-on-year 2007 versus 2008. Deployed new credit card fraud detection system
Review application of sanctions screening systems to other banking services tick
More than 12,000 staff provided with access to the Norkom Account Opening Check system to screen all new accounts for potential criminals and international sanctions target
Implement consultancy recommendations on anti-money laundering tick
Customer Due Diligence procedures and systems enhanced

Defined an enhanced Group strategy to manage money laundering risks
Launch new Financial Crime Risk training programme Ongoing
Compliance officers in all our markets are trained on our risk-based approach to AML so that our best practices are disseminated into all of our markets

Group Code of Conduct refreshed to include anti-corruption training

Data 1

Number of employed worker status staff completing the revised Group Code of Conduct 49,700
Number of employed worker staff completing ‘Money Laundering Prevention’ e-learning 58,387
Number of internet scams investigated
763 internet fraud incidents – 641  per cent increase
Number of payment alerts reviewed as part of sanctions screening programme Over 2.8m
Number of suspicious activity reports to the relevant authorities across the Group Over 14,000
The metric 'Countries using automated monitoring or enhanced exception reporting for anti-money laundering' has now been replaced with a measure of the number of countries using advanced automated systems. Enhanced exception reports are now in place in other countries.