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Our community investment for 2006-2009 is shown below. We use the London Benchmarking Group model, a comprehensive and consistent set of guidelines to classify, measure and benchmark our community contribution, including cash, employee time, fundraising and in-kind donations, as well as management costs.

Total (USD '000) FY 2008 H1 2009(d) H2 2009 FY 2009
Cash Contributions 30,543 12,385 7,923,745 20,308(e)
Employee Time (non cash item)(a) 7,176 3,209 5,266,991 8,475
Gifts in Kind (non cash item)(b) 1,009 151 143,917 295
Management Costs 4,807 1,891 1,643,378 3,534
Leverage (fund raising and other)(c) 5,086 2,498 3,155,714 5,654
Total 48,622 20,134 18,133,745 $38,268
Pre Tax Operating Profit 4,570,000 2,838,000 N/A N/A(f)
% same year's Operating Profit 1.06% 0.71% N/A N/A(g)
Per cent of PYOP 1.21% 0.44% N/A 0.84%
For 2009, employee volunteering data is gathered from PeopleSoft only. Any additional time reported by countries has been reclassified as leverage, in accordance with new guidance from LBG. Please refer to Appendix A for further detail.
Gifts in-kind comprise all non-monetary donations.
Leverage data relates to the proceeds from staff fundraising activity. This data was gathered for the first time in 2008. For 2009 any employee volunteering time not reported through PeopleSoft has been reclassified as leverage (please refer to point a).
H1 figures have been amended owing to the reclassification of employee volunteering time as outlined in points (a) and (c).
Excludes data from Afghanistan and South Africa, the reports for which remain outstanding.
Figure not available.
Not calculable, please refer to (e).

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Annual Report and Accounts 2009