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Employee volunteering

Background - why we encourage our staff to volunteer

Volunteering offers employees an opportunity to use their skills to make a unique contribution to the local causes that they support. This helps us as an organisation to forge stronger relationships with the communities in which we operate, helping us to integrate more closely at a local level.

To support our volunteering initiative, we provide an additional two days' paid leave each year. Whilst we encourage our employees to get involved with projects aligned with our community and environmental programmes, they are free to use this time to support any local charity of their choice. Providing our employees with an opportunity to give back to their local communities helps build their loyalty to our brand, and also establishes us an employer of choice to many potential recruits.

Employee volunteering - personal commitment

We believe that an important building block in growing a strong successful business is employing staff who live our values. Employee Volunteering is a good way for our employees to demonstrate this. It is also something that can be achieved on an individual basis or by joining forces with colleagues.

This year, 26,207 employee volunteer days were taken which means that one third of our workforce took one day's leave to volunteer in their communities. The leading countries this year included India, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

Making life easier - encouraging staff to volunteer

In response to a survey where 31 per cent of our staff said they would like to volunteer but faced challenges in finding opportunities, we are launching iVolunteer, an online portal where employees can log on to our intranet and find volunteering opportunities to match their interest in 2010. Steve Bertamini, Global Head of Consumer Banking, will become the figurehead for Employee Volunteering next year. His appointment is in line with our other community programmes which have an executive sponsor.


  • 26,207 volunteer days taken in 2009
  • $8.3 million equivalent contributed to community investment in employee time
  • Our staff spend significant time volunteering for our in-house programmes. Collectively, our HIV Champions and Seeing is Believing coordinators spent 15, 573 days volunteering
  • Volunteering encourages staff engagement, employee loyalty and can enhance employee's skills outside of their usual business roles
Volunteering while abroad

Case Study : Volunteering while abroad - our top team volunteer to protect children in the community in Korea

Employer Volunteering is just as important to our senior leaders, and this year they led by example.

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Group Technology and Operations

Case Study: Group Technology and Operations

Driven by its leaders, Group Technology and Operations (GTO), our second biggest division, has been very engaged in our sustainability initiatives, particularly around employee volunteering.

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Case Study: Indonesia

When the employee volunteering efforts of our Indonesian operations involved less than 10 per cent of its workforce, senior management questioned staff's commitment to the community.

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Case Study : Thailand

With the backing of its chief executive, Thailand established its own Employee Volunteering initiative, iDream, which underpins all its community engagement initiatives and provides support and initiatives across four pillars.

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