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Community Investment

Community investment

As an international bank working in some of the world's most challenging markets, we believe that we have both a duty and a responsibility to be a force for good in the communities in which we operate. We achieve this in partnership with our employees. Their support and enthusiasm are at the heart of our community investment programme. We draw on their expertise and skills to benefit local communities, and with 75,000 talented individuals working for Standard Chartered across the globe, we have access to a wide pool of people keen to use their strengths for the good of others.

Social or economic exclusion prevents people from realising their potential. This has a direct and negative impact on their communities. In order to build sustainable businesses, it is important to understand and work with our local communities and contribute to addressing the challenges which inhibit their development.

We try to maximise the impact of our investment by carefully targeting the issues we address and by using our core business skills and infrastructure to engage with communities to encourage wider involvement. For example we use our network of ATM machines, our paper statements and our branch staff to deliver locally relevant information on health issues, such as the need to get tested for HIV and advice on where to do so.

Our employees are proud to be engaged in these programmes. They proactively support them, not just through a Group-wide employee volunteering scheme but also in their own time.

Our community investment adheres to the London Benchmarking Group model and comprises different kinds of contributions (such as cash, employee time, gifts in kind) with an aim of contributing at least 0.75 per cent of the previous year's pre-tax operating profit. The total contribution in 2009 amounted to 0.84 per cent or $38.3 million. A full breakdown since 2006 can be found here.

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