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Diversity and inclusion

Our diversity is our strength. We employ over 75,000 individuals, representing 125 nationalities worldwide, of which 45 per cent are women.

Currently women represent 20 per cent of senior management and 35 per cent of middle management. This year we have proactively driven gender diversity in a number of specific markets and functions with a range of initiatives and are delighted that women represent 47 per cent of our International Graduate intake, a significant increase from 32 per cent in 2005. Looking to the future, we have a strong female pipeline of talent, with 43 per cent of female representation in our junior high potential talent pool.

We held Women in Leadership programmes for talented women at middle management level from Africa, Korea and the Middle East during the year. These were co-sponsored by the Group Women's Council and respective regional chief executives. Participants at the two day programme were given specific insight and advice as to how they may manage their careers, through greater self-awareness and setting achievable personal and professional goals. Many of the women also elected to participate in a unique diversity focused mentoring programme.

A number of employee networks have been established across Standard Chartered. Women's networks are currently in place across a number of markets, including the UK, Singapore and Kenya. Parents and caregivers' networks have also been established, supporting carers and new mothers and fathers by providing buddies, an online discussion forum and numerous other resources.

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We work hard to create a more inclusive workplace and, in particular, a supportive and enabling environment for employees to balance both personal and professional demands. We are poised to launch our award winning flexible working arrangements, including flexible working hours, part-time working and working from home, in an additional seven key markets. Our new buildings, including our head office in London, Dubai and Nairobi, have 'touch down' zones for home workers, and flexible working spaces, with creative breakout zones and health clubs. These arrangements also serve to reinforce our employer brand, helping us to attract and retain a larger and more diverse talent pool.

We continue to focus on developing local talent and creating internationally diverse teams, which is critical for our organisation, as just 5 per cent of our employees are from Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Our International Graduate Programme represents 30 nationalities and we currently have almost 800 employees on international assignments. To support those on assignment, and also teams with diverse backgrounds, we launched an interactive cultural awareness tool to help individuals learn about their own perspective, different cultures and how to be more effective when working cross-culturally.

With more than 170 languages spoken by our employees, we have taken steps to improve our multilingual capabilities. All mandatory employee training programmes are now translated into our core languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Korean and Thai. We also have local language Consumer Banking academies in China, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and the UAE.

Our Global English Programme, a flexible web-based curriculum, is available to those staff keen to improve their English language skills. Many countries also offer English conversation clubs. Other language training is offered in many of our markets. For example, Arabic lessons are available to international employees in Qatar.

Women in leadership programme

Case Study: Women in Leadership programme

The percentage of female managers represented at senior levels has continued to increase over the last few years...

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