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Employee relations

At Standard Chartered, our preferred approach is to deal with employees on an individual, rather than collective, basis. This approach focuses on direct communication, managing organisational change and involving and motivating employees.

This year, a number of acquisitions such as Cazenove Asia and First Africa, as well as significant restructuring transformations in strategic business areas, have meant that managing organisational change, including timely communications and active engagement with those employees impacted by these events, has been a key area of focus.

Collective bargaining

In certain countries in which we operate, employees have the right to associate, form groups and bargain collectively. Where that is the case, we honour these rights and engage with employees on the basis defined in collective bargaining agreements. Each collective bargaining agreement is different and, therefore, is considered on a case-by-case basis. We are also committed to open dialogue with our employees on an ongoing basis. Our standardised approach to collective bargaining agreements is covered in our Group Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Dignity Policy.

Security personnel

In a number of our markets, social tensions can mean that our security personnel are particularly vulnerable. It is important to employ the best possible security guards, to ensure they are appropriately trained and to commit to ensuring they are treated fairly. We also require them to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner when dealing with others.

We take all possible action to ensure that our security guards employed on contract are paid in line with the prevailing pay scales, and that their working hours and days are controlled appropriately.

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