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Great Place to Work

Great place to work

Our employees are our most important resource. They are the face of our client relationships; they are our corporate memory; and they live the behaviours which exemplify our unique culture. In 2009 the demands of an evolving external environment and increased public awareness of the activities of banks and the people who work in them, placed an additional onus on us to ensure that we had the necessary policies and procedures in place to manage our human capital sustainably.

Building a sustainable workforce is about attracting the right people, training and developing them, providing them with a supportive working environment and great leadership.

The importance of leadership has been recognised by our external stakeholders and we are, more than ever, obliged to demonstrate to governments, regulators and shareholders that our Board of Directors and management committee have the necessary collective skills and experience to be able to steer Standard Chartered through difficult times. To ensure that we have both leaders of today and potential leaders of the future, we have increased our focus on leadership development right across our organisation, recognising that the actions of each individual have implications for the long-term success of our business and the markets where we operate.

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Annual Report and Accounts 2009