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Leading the way

Leading the way in communities

We are headquartered and regulated in the UK, and enjoy a long heritage across our geographic footprint. We compete against local financial institutions in each of our core markets. To do so effectively, it is critical that we have an understanding of the markets in which we operate, an appreciation of the challenges they face and a commitment to working in partnership with them to overcoming these challenges.

Our people across Asia, Africa and the Middle East are crucial in helping us to achieve this. Not only do they provide important insight into the markets in which we operate, but they also act as ambassadors for our brand and agents of change. It is therefore critical that we make Standard Chartered a great place to work: to attract and retain talented people.

We empower our staff to play a role in tackling the challenges faced by their local markets and, therefore, those which threaten to undermine the sustainability of our business. Indeed, this is often cited by our new joiners as the reason they applied for their job. The challenges of environmental degradation and of poverty, ill health and the disenfranchisement of women are among the issues that have a significant impact on our business performance. We are committed to supporting our staff in, by reducing our own direct impacts and in working with our communities to promote changes in behaviour.

Similarly, by encouraging employee volunteering, champion networks and coordinators across our organisation, our people are at the heart of our community investment programmes. Through them, we partner with local governments, non-governmental organisations, multinational corporates and other private sector companies to tackle issues such as HIV and AIDS, preventable blindness and the prevalence of malaria.

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Annual Report and Accounts 2009