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Group Technology and Operations


Driven by its leaders, Group Technology and Operations (GTO), our second biggest division, has been very engaged in our sustainability initiatives, particularly around employee volunteering. This year they set a target that all eligible employees would complete at least one day of volunteering.

GTO has a full time Sustainability Manager based in Singapore, who drives employee volunteering through our chief information officer network. Each country chief information officer selects a delegate that is accountable for employee volunteering, and who reaches agreement with corporate affairs on the number of volunteering activities that GTO will contribute over the year. In Singapore, Malaysia and the UK, GTO rolls out monthly activities for staff while, globally, a newsletter is distributed with highlights from employee volunteering activities. Country delegates receive regular ideas and information on best practices in other markets.

Our Global Chief Information Officer Jan Verplancke is personally very active in promoting volunteering. Below is the text of an email he sent to all GTO staff worldwide:

From: GTO, Communication

Sent: 06 October 2009 10:23

Subject: Message from Jan Verplancke: Have you taken your volunteering leave?

Standard Chartered Bank strives to help its local communities develop through contributing our knowledge, skills and talents, and provides two days (16 hours) paid leave to enable us to undertake volunteering activities which support the Bank's Sustainability strategy.

Within GTO, I made a commitment that each of us would take at least one day off to contribute to our local communities and help them develop. You may have already taken a day or more off or you might be planning to do so in the near future, in which case, it is equally important to update your PeopleSoft records.

1. Click here to book your volunteering leave on PeopleSoft.

2. More details on the employee volunteering programme can be found here.

Let's make a collective difference in the markets in which we operate and make this world a better place.



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