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GTO Green your flights

Green your flights

Green your flights, a programme piloted by our Group Technology and Operations team from July, is designed to offset the carbon emissions generated by their business air travel through initiatives such as tree planting.

A carbon tax of $70 is charged to Group Technology and Operations for each flight booked in China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, UK and the USA, which each have a high incidence of business travel..

All funds raised from the carbon tax will be used to provide financial support to projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including reforestation, renewable energy, efficient land use and energy conservation.

To date, Group Technology and Operations has collected $250,000 in 2009, and has planted 12,681 trees through projects in India and Indonesia.

Blake Hedger, Global Programme Director, Carson Wagonlit Travel said:

“The initiative has gone towards the environmental cause, and has positively positioned Standard Chartered as a socially responsible member of the global community.  We are pleased to be part of such a worthwhile project, and look forward to continuing the work we do towards this effort.”

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