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We launched a Save for the future initiative in China in September to reduce paper consumption. Tree Saving Ambassadors from across the country gathered to brainstorm ideas. They subsequently returned to their branches to implement the new initiatives and raise awareness amongst staff. In just four months, China achieved a 35 per cent reduction in paper consumption as a direct result of this initiative.

We introduced FileNet and Information Retention Management systems in our operational hubs in Chennai and Kuala Lumpur which have helped transform processes from paper intensive procedures to digital means of information exchange. This move resulted in a faster turnaround time in our customer due diligence processes and a reduction in activity time, leading to incremental revenue and environmental savings across 40 countries. We overcame the challenges of variant network bandwidth across countries in Africa and the need for new skills. Wholesale Banking saved $500,000 as a direct result of these process improvements.

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Annual Report and Accounts 2009