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Volunteering while abroad

Volunteering while abroad

Employer Volunteering is just as important to our senior leaders, and this year they led by example. During the Executive Forum (Exfo) meeting in Korea, held in September, our 100 top leaders took half a day to volunteer in the areas around Seoul. All activities were conducted to benefit children from a Group Home:

  • a Group Home is a small-scale children protection facility that nurtures and protects children in a home-like residential environment. These children need care due to family dissolution, negligence, abuse, poverty or abandonment, among other issues. Group Home can provide individual services to the children and allow children to make friends and form interpersonal relationships. Group Homes are positioned like households in the community, preventing the children from being stigmatised as children from the facilities
  • our Korean business has supported Group Home since 2004 by providing scholarships and donating electronic home appliances, as well as being a sustainable company in the Korean society

Activities included:

  • 33 Exfo delegates and 33 Korean staff volunteered to cook traditional Korean dishes of Songpyon and Kimchi for children living in the Group Home in Namsan Hanok village
  • the objective was to share Chuseok food with Group Home children with the advent of Korean traditional thanksgiving
  • 31 Exfo delegates and 31 Korean staff travelled to Seoul Forest on Ttuk Island to plant trees and flowers. The team created a sensory garden for the blind, allowing them to experience nature through the senses of smell and touch
  • created by Seoul City on the grounds of the Ttukseom Sports Park, Seoul Forest opened in June 2005 to satisfy local residents' desire for usable green space. We have enjoyed a relationship with Seoul Forest since we held human trust and tree planting events in April 2008
  • 28 Exfo delegates and 28 SC Korea staff travelled to Young Nak Aenea's Home in Hannam village to paint a mural with children who suffer from cerebral palsy
  • young Nak Aenea's Home provides a humanitarian and a cultural living environment for the children who live there, and uses physical therapy, task therapy, linguistic therapy and counselling to encourage the belief that 'they too can do it'
  • mural painting is a sustainability activity for community residents and children living in under-privileged and inferior environments. Murals add beauty to an area and also promote emotional stability. As all children of Young Nak Aenea's Home use wheelchairs, it was felt that a mural on the walls beside wheelchair ramps would lift their spirits as they move around

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