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Our sustainability objectives

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Our business

About Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered PLC is listed on both London and Hong Kong stock exchanges. It ranks among the top 25 companies in the FTSE100 by market capitalisation.

Operating income


2008: $13,968m / 2007: $11,067m

Profit before taxation


2008: $4,568m1 / 2007: $4,035m

Total assets


2008: $435bn / 2007: $330bn

Normalised earnings per share2


2008: 174.9cents / 2007: 173.0cents



2008: 80,5574 / 2007: 77,1624



2008: 75 / 2007: 57



2008: 125 / 2007: 115

Standard Chartered uses non-GAAP measures, where measures are not defined under IFRS or they have been adjusted.
On a post-rights issue basis.
The number of markets has decreased by four as a result of closing four representative offices in Europe.

Delivering long-term shareholder value

Almost every economy in the world suffered slower growth, rising unemployment and corporate failures during 2009. Our markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East were affected, although to a lesser degree than those in the West. They are now in recovery mode and will register significant growth rates in the coming years. This is a further demonstration that the global economic epicentre is shifting from the West to the East. China and India, with their billion plus populations, will set the pace, Africa is also expected to grow rapidly, creating wealth and huge opportunities for trade and knowledge transfer. Lessons from the economic crisis are still being learned, but this global shock has highlighted the need for a long-term vision and the creation of environments in which growth is sustainable.

For Standard Chartered, sustainability means conducting our business in a way that enhances performance both today and over the long-term, and that contributes to the economic development of the countries in which we operate, benefiting both the environment and society and contributing to good governance.

We believe that building a sustainable business will, and must, drive shareholder value. To achieve our goal we must concentrate on the basics of banking - capital, liquidity, risk management, operational control and cost discipline - but we must also anticipate and respond to the likely impacts of socio-economic, environmental and governance trends. We must minimise risks while maximising commercial opportunities. And we must create environments that allow our business to grow and our clients and customers to flourish.

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