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Contributing to the real economy

As an international financial institution, the greatest contribution we can make to the societies in which we operate is through our direct contribution to the real economy – both locally and on a global scale.

Providing access to finance is our core business proposition. By offering products and services that serve the needs of our clients and customers we can enable individuals, corporates and other financial institutions to act as agents of economic activity.

We are committed to offering products that we fully understand. This commitment requires us to market and sell our products and services responsibly. Through this, and by listening and responding to the needs of our clients and customers, we ensure that our Wholesale and Consumer Banks are deployed effectively to facilitate healthy economic activity.

Whilst the majority of those who use banking services are motivated to use them for constructive, income-generating and job-creating purposes, there remain some who are less well-intentioned. Corruption, money laundering and terrorist activity can undermine the positive benefits of financial services provision and can have a potentially devastating effect on our own business performance.  We make tackling financial crime a priority, to guard against the risks posed by these corrosive activities.

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provided to the microfinance sector since our 2006 CGI commitment

No. 1

in international Sukuk league tables

Over $2bn

agrifinance portfolio in Africa

Annual Report and Accounts 2009