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Wholesale Banking

Number of complaints per


customers per month 2008: 10.3

Complaints Resolution Time:


2008: average within two days

Complaint Type 2008 2009
Customer communication 18% 22%
Staff service quality 11% 7%
Operations process and procedures 64% 61%
Sales and Marketing 0% 0%
Pricing 0% 1%
System/channel design and functionalities 5% 7%
Others 2% 2%

Consumer Banking


At 0.8 complaints per 1,000, our complaints ratio in Consumer Banking fell 53 per cent over the year from its 2008 average of 1.7 complaints per 1,000. We introduced monthly reports for complaints in 26 countries, up from 17 in 2008, while our monthly Voice of Customer (VOC) forums in our top eight countries discuss key customer issues, root cause actions and implementation.

The sharp drop in customer complaints has been achieved by strict governance on complaint metrics, refocused service quality resources in country in support of this agenda and the introduction of uniform global governance through our VOC Forums.

In 2010, a complaints e-learning package will aim at educating in excess of 15,000 front line staff, teaching them best practice regarding core complaint categories. In 2010 we aim to reduce our turnaround times for complaints to fewer than 48 hours, reduce the number of inappropriate sales complaints and improve overall satisfaction with our complaint resolution process.

Complaint metrics 2008 2009 2010 Targets
Complaints per 1000 accounts 1.7 0.8 0.5
Alleged inappropriate sales 452 387 <5 complaints per country
First Time Resolution (FTR)
40% 46% > 50%
Overall Satisfaction (of Complaints Resolution Process) 65% 62% >80%
Complaint Resolution turnaround time < 2 days 61% 59% > 90%

Loyal and Positive Scores

We achieved a 76 per cent favourable score in our customer Loyal and Positive index in 2008, and committed to boosting this score above 80 per cent in 2009. In the event, we surpassed our target with 83.3 per cent of customers giving us a favourable score in the Loyal and Positive Index.

NPS Index scores

NPS is now the basis for measuring the success of our Customer Charter and our Customer Centric strategy. This aims to achieve deeper (multi-product) longer lasting relationships with our target customers which, in turn, will deliver greater shareholder value. NPS tracking is key to our customer charter and will be a deliverable for every Consumer Banking employee.

NPS replaces the Loyal and Positive Index as the non-financial KPI of Consumer Banking. This supports the shift in our Consumer Banking strategy towards greater customer focus, as NPS gauges customer advocacy to the products and services provided and is recognised as the ultimate measure of customer advocacy across banking and other industry sectors. By recognising the positive impact of advocates and the cost of poor service (detractors deducted from advocates) it can provide a good indication of future business outcomes in terms of market growth.

There has been a significant increase in NPS across key markets this year. In 2008, the positive trend of the preceding four years was impacted by negative customer sentiment due to the global economic recession, especially in relation to investment earnings. In 2009, NPS recovered to double the 2008 score which is attributed to better service levels, process improvements and simpler marketing.

We will continue to build on this strong momentum in 2010, aiming for a Net Promoter Score of 35 for 2010 and a 15 per cent improvement across our key countries.

NPS (Global Weighted Average)


Market Probe Customer Satisfaction Survey (~20 markets on average each year). The survey uses interviews completed in 2H09.

The marks “Net Promoter”, “NPS”, and “Net Promoter Score” as referred to in the reports are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld.

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