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Voice of customer

Consumer Banking

Customer feedback

We regularly seek customer feedback to inform product and service development opportunities and to alert us to potential problems. We have a comprehensive approach to gathering management information including:

  • our annual survey, Market Probe, which surveys our markets and is designed to provide customer feedback on our existing processes and product line. A regular and structured review of the results identifies issues and actions for each market
  • our monthly Customer Satisfaction surveys provide timely feedback on our customers' views of service quality and product capability
  • the tracking of all complaints by customer segment, on a country, regional and global basis, in order to properly analyse the cause and to take appropriate action to resolve them. This is particularly important to identify recurring issues. As a result of our findings, we may alter a product, improve processes or services or offer specific training to our employees

To ensure that we can compare the findings of both our Market Probe and monthly customer satisfaction surveys, we have adopted the same measurement, the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It is a common customer satisfaction measure used by banks and other industries as the ultimate measure of customer advocacy.

How we calculate NPS

We simply ask customers the question 'if a friend or associate were to ask, how likely are you to recommend that they do banking with Standard Chartered Bank?' They rate us on a 10 point scale: a score of 10 indicates that they are extremely likely to recommend us while a score of one indicates that they are not at all likely to recommend us. Our NPS is simply the difference between the percentage of customers who give the three highest ratings (eight, nine and ten), whom we call our Promoters, and the percentage of customers who award us the bottom five ratings, our Detractors. Those customers who award us a score of six or seven are viewed as Neutrals, and are not included in the calculation. Their score indicates that they are unlikely to buy a further product. Our NPS can vary between -100 per cent and +100 per cent for a product, brand or market segment.

NPS as a measure

NPS as a measure scale

We use NPS as the basis for measuring the success of our Customer Charter as an increase has been shown to correlate with achieving deeper sustainable customer relationships and ultimately will, in turn, deliver greater shareholder value.

Consumer Banking Net Promoter Score (NPS) Index

nps barchart

Net Promoter Score (NPS) replaces the Loyal and Positive Index as the non-financial KPI of Consumer Banking. This supports the shift in our Consumer Banking strategy towards greater customer focus.

NPS gauges customer support for the Consumer Banking products and services we provide. Customers are asked how likely they would be to recommend us to their friends and colleagues. NPS is the difference between the percentage of promoters (those who are highly likely to recommend) and percentage of detractors (those who are unlikely to recommend). It operates on a scale from -100 (all detractors) to +100 (all promoters).

NPS is recognised as the ultimate measure of customer advocacy across many industry sectors including banking. By recognising the positive impact of advocates and the cost of poor service (detractors deducted from advocates), it can provide a good indication of future business outcomes in terms of market growth.

Source: Market Probe Customer Satisfaction Survey (~20 markets on average each year). The survey uses interviews completed in the second half of 2009.

Wholesale Banking

Complaints data

We introduced a new client relationship management system in Wholesale Banking this year, which is used to log and manage complaints globally. As a result of this initiative, which is designed to improve our client service, we have an improved quality and quantity of information on each complaint and this will allow us to enhance our resolution processes.

Case Study: Consumer Banking customer communication project across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

A large of our customer complaints in Consumer Banking relate to communication, and 90 per cent of complaints about customer communications emanate from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Our India Service Quality team led a best practice initiative in these countries, which succeeded in reducing customer communication complaints by 45 per cent, which resulted in a 7 per cent fall in total global complaints.

Best practice transfer included:

  • script for front line staff to handle complaints, which helps them ask probing questions and make necessary corrections.
  • ensuring robust monitoring of the dispatch of statements.
  • special campaigns for e-statement Registration.
  • returns and Repeat monitoring - using an alternative courier service to deliver customer banking products and cleaning up the mailing list.
  • penalty/Reward system for courier based on delivery.
  • a text to inform customers when their statements are dispatched.

The marks “Net Promoter”, “NPS”, and “Net Promoter Score” as referred to in the reports are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld.

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