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Internal engagement

Our ability to attract and retain the best people is critical to the long-term success of our business. We believe our values and our commitment to protect the environment and to be a responsible business are key factors in attracting talented people to work for us.

Sustainability credentials attract quality recruits

We want to attract the right people - people who are talented and who share our values.  We achieve this through:

  • Sustainability and You – the addition of an introduction to sustainability section onto our International Graduate careers site, providing potential employees with information on our priorities and achievements around sustainability and the environment, and details of how new graduates can get involved
  • marketing materials, including information on our commitment to the environment in all our marketing materials 

Retention is key to achieving continuity in delivering our commitments

We encourage long-term, sustainable behavioural change among staff not by prescribing what needs to be done, but by inspiring them to protect the environment both at work and at home. We inspire through communication, interaction and leadership.

Inspiration through communication:

  • Greenstorming – we revamped our social media site dedicated to the environment to improve the user experience
  • informative films such as Creating a Climate for Change, which outlines what we are doing to address climate change and what individuals can do to help
  • Planet DigiMag – a digital magazine that helps staff improve their knowledge and awareness of environmental issues in a fun and interactive way, through quizzes, games, videos and competitions

Inspiration through interaction:

  • we have developed a wide variety of tools that show staff how they can protect the environment, and which provide advice and tips to get started. These include Your Office Environment, and My Environment
  • Race for the Future – a fun and interactive game about protecting the environment, challenging staff to collect items that can be recycled or that conserve energy, and avoid items that have a negative impact on the environment

Inspiration through leadership:

  • Environment Coordinators – We have an Environment Coordinator network, comprising at least one member of staff in each market, responsible for driving our commitment to protect the environment through exciting and innovative action

Our achievements in 2009

Our staff demonstrated remarkable commitment to the environment this year with a wide range of innovative projects, initiatives and challenges, including the following:

  • staff in the US held a lighting fair in Newark, New Jersey which provided the opportunity to learn about energy efficient lighting, and to purchase energy saving light bulbs at a discounted rate
  • a fleet of environmentally friendly hybrid cars have been purchased in Korea, and will replace our existing fleet completely by 2012
  • recycling facilities for paper, plastic and aluminium have been introduced in our office buildings within the UAE
  • staff in 38 countries observed Earth Hour by turning off the lights in our office buildings and at home for one hour on 28 March
  • for World Environment Day on 5 June, staff in 40 of our countries, comprising more than 90 per cent of our total workforce, took part in a range of activities, including tree planting, walking to work, and holding paperless meetings
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