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Our approach and progress

2009 goals Status Achievements
Engage external stakeholders on the implementation of our 13 position statements and associated procedures. Completed
  • Held engagement and feedback sessions with NGOs and Socially Responsible Investors (SRIs). 
  • Hosted an SRI road show in Europe to explain our approach to environmental and social risk. 
  • Provided information to Asian Socially Responsible Investors Association (ASrIA) members on our approach to environmental and social risk.
  • Educated a group of Chinese banks on environmental and social governance, including the Equator Principles and our position statements.
Implement our Renewable Energy and Environmental Finance strategy. Ongoing
  • Chairperson for the industry-wide Project Finance and Corporate Banking Working Group. 
  • Continued participation on the Climate Principles' Steering Committee. 
  • Developed draft disclosure requirements for industry-wide corporate banking and project finance.
  • Engagement and education sessions with other financial institutions to increase membership of the Climate Principles.
Implement our Renewable Energy and Environmental Finance strategy. Ongoing
  • REEF team expanded scope of coverage to include environmental finance business lines covering energy efficiency, carbon, water and waste. 
  • REEF team expanded their product suite to include corporate finance, leveraged finance and principal investment.
  • Involvement in strategic policy and thought leadership initiatives in Asia, the US and Europe.
  • Clinton Global Initiative commitment tracking at $4.2 billion.
Reinforce our thought leadership on environmental and climate change amongst senior management. Ongoing
  • Contributions to international policy debates including the Economics of Climate Adaptation Working Group which looks at climate resilient development, and Water Resources Group a research group that analyses water scarcity issues.
Help build capacity in emerging markets banks on sustainable risk management. Completed
  • Provided training to a Chinese delegation including representatives from the Ministry of Environment, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, People's Bank of China, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, with the aim of promoting environmental and social governance in lending among Chinese banks.

2010 priorities

  • Launch and implement the position statement on water.
  • Enhance the training available to staff regarding our approach to environmental and social risks.
  • Publicly release the 2009 Progress Report for adopting financial institutions.
  • Finalise the disclosure requirements for project finance and corporate banking.
  • Report our progress in meeting the Climate Principles.
  • Continue involvement with strategic policy and thought leadership bodies.
  • Growth market share in core sectors - i.e. waste-to-energy, solar, wind and hydro.
  • Grow market share in core markets - China, India, Middle East, North Africa and South Africa.
  • Provide materials, tools and training for senior management to drive sustainable finance.

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Annual Report and Accounts 2009