Responsible selling and marketing

Data and trends

Our goals and achievements in 2008
Our goals for 2008 Status What we have done
Consumer Banking aims to sustain its Loyal and Positive Index above 80 per cent Ongoing
In 2008, we achieved a 76 per cent favourable score in the Loyal and Positive index. We reaffirm our commitment to return to above 80 per cent in 2009
Continuously improve processes to reduce complaint rates, and to re-engineer solutions into the underlying processes Ongoing
Market survey data methods and customer feedback has been analysed by the new Voice of Customer Committee to ensure we make best use of this intelligence to understand the main issues that concern our customers

Enhanced governance approach to increase the focus on product controls, management information and process improvement

Completion of the first stage of standardising global customer documentation and simplifying the account opening process for key transaction and lending products

Revision of balanced scorecards for remuneration to ensure customer satisfaction is included as a performance measurement score in specific Consumer Banking areas
Strengthen financial literacy programmes Ongoing
CB Singapore engages in consumer education programmes to increase customers’ financial literacy. India’s Banking Association is driving financial literacy programmes and we are a member bank on the Customer Service Committee. The Bank has created a financial counselling website in India with accessible information on financial products for customers

Our priorities in 2009

  • Global CB Voice of Customer Committee held monthly to discuss key service issues and root causes to implement the required service improvements
  • Country Voice of Customer forums set up to identify the root cause of specific local issues and implement service improvement plans for the year, which are compiled using Voice of Customer data
  • Embed our recent reorganisation of the Consumer Banking governance structure to achieve greater ownership of specific customer segments
  • Consolidate Consumer Banking’s contact centres into global hubs to achieve increased customer satisfaction via sales and service consistency improvements. This is a longer-term ongoing project
  • Complete standardisation of customer documentation and account opening processes for the remainder of the global product suite
  • Standardise the balanced scorecard approach for remuneration to ensure customer satisfaction is included as a performance measurement score with segment-specific differences across all sales staff
  • Continue engagement with regulators in our markets on increasing the use of credit bureaus to ensure appropriate credit controls


Wholesale Banking

Number of complaints per 1,000 customers per month: 10.3

Complaints resolution time: average 76 per cent within two days

Complaint type 2005 2006 2007 2008
Customer communication 7% 18% 22% 18%
Staff service quality 5% 5% 11% 11%
Operations process and procedures 76% 61% 62% 64%
Sales and marketing n/a n/a n/a 0%
Pricing n/a n/a 1% 0%
System/channel design and functionalities 10% 12% 2% 5%
Others 2% 4% 3% 2%

Consumer Banking1

Complaint metrics 2008 December 2009 Metric Targets
Complaints/000 accounts 1.2 < 1 complaint/ 000
Inappropriate sales 452 < 5 complaints
per country
First time resolution (FTR) 40%   > 50%
Overall satisfaction with
complaint resolution (OS)
65% > 80%
Complaint resolution turnaround time < 2 days 61%   >95%
Standardised complaint reporting includes:
  1. Global standard metrics applicable to country reporting
  2. Standardised Service Level Agreements (SLAs) /Turn Around Times (TATs) for complaint resolution and closure
  3. Setting service targets for the countries
  4. Monthly reporting for tracking and improvement
  5. Global and Country voice of customer forum conducted monthly for top complaints and service resolution