Responsible selling and marketing

Voice of the customer

The Bank has examined its measures of customer service in detail to ensure market survey data and customer feedback is best used to develop products aligned to customers’ needs and improve responsiveness to customers. The Consumer Bank’s Voice of Customer Committee is a monthly forum where senior management review overall service performance and customer analytics to identify systemic issues and shape our service transformation agenda.

Over the last three years, the Bank has achieved an average of 80 per cent of our customers rating us favourably1 in the Consumer Banking Loyalty Index survey compiled by an independent research company. In 2008, we achieved a 76 per cent score in Consumer Banking which confirms our commitment to achieving customer satisfaction with our products and services in the context of the extraordinary challenges all banks have experienced over the past year. We reaffirm our commitment to return to above 80 per cent Index score in 2009.

Focus Groups on customer service

As part of continuous improvement to meet customers’ needs, the Bank frequently engages external parties to conduct customer focus group surveys before launching a new product to better understand the needs of the target market.

Loyal Customers are the customers rating us in the top 3 boxes of 8, 9 and 10 and Positive customers are those rating us in the boxes of 6 and 7. Hence, scores of customers rating us favourably are the Loyal + Positive customers rating us in the favourable boxes of 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.


  • 20,267employees trained in Treating Customers Fairly
  • Investment seminars for customers held in Singapore
  • SMSalerts to help customers manage their accounts